The freedom to collaborate by Jon Hansen

Posted on August 14, 2014


I recently came across a very interesting post in the Nipendo P2P Narrative blog titled “What is supplier collaboration“.

What made it interesting – at least from my perspective, is that it zeros in on a simple yet powerful truth.  You have to remove the barriers to collaboration before you can actually begin to well . . . collaborate with your suppliers.

“preserving the genius of Humans” to focus on where it’s really needed.  Specifically the areas of strategic thinking, process design, and management by exception.

Specifically, making the transformation from “paper-based and manual processes into automated processes” that includes “the ability to streamline order fulfillment, eliminate errors, and dramatically reduce costs”.

Removing the thorn . . .

Removing the thorn . . .

Being able to address process bottlenecks removes the proverbial thorn in buyer – supplier relationships that impedes productive collaboration.  This is especially true in terms of being able to pay supplier invoices on a timely basis.

Perhaps this is the reason why so much attention is being given to industry news such as Washington’s recent announcement of the SupplierPays initiative, and the emergence of supply chain financing as a critical part of a sound procurement strategy.

In the end, an effective P2P platform is one that you do not have to think about because it virtually eliminates process issues, freeing you to focus on collaborating with your suppliers as opposed to solving transactional problems.

Being able to redirect your energies in this way, means that you can really make the move from being functional to strategic in your procurement practice.


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