Who are those guys? Are these the people who will have the most influence on public sector procurement in the coming years? by Jon Hansen

Posted on December 14, 2014



If you remember the movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, you will undoubtedly recall Butch’s quizzical refrain “who are those guys?”

He was of course talking about the posse of riders who relentlessly pursued them to the point of the duo fleeing to Bolivia and their eventual demise.

While there was much speculation, you never really knew for certain their identities beyond the fact that they were obviously the best in their business.

I think the same could be said about the individuals whose faces appear below, in terms of their potential influence on the world of public sector procurement.

Now they may not be immediately recognizable – which is probably the way they want it. However, and like the old American Express commercials in which the protagonists would start off by saying you may not know me . . . it is clear that they are people to know.

After some preliminary research, there is a palpable mystique about many of these individuals who, like Butch and Sundance’s posse, are hidden in plain site.

While this is based more on instinct than anything else at this point, I think these individuals (and others like them) will, with increasing frequency, leave many within the public sector world wondering “who are those guys?”

Public Sector Influencers

The Parthenon Team . . . the real puppet masters behind the current NIGP Code controversy?

Important Update: . . . NIGP and Periscope, and in particular Parthenon.  I would hazard a guess that no one in this trio would have expected this test shot over the Missouri bow to have attracted anyone’s attention outside of those directly involved. This being said, I am certain that the brain trust behind these organizations – okay Parthenon, while maybe surprised this first go around, will be better prepared the next time a move is made to monopolize the public sector eProcurement market. 

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