No Ovation For BravoSolution’s In Ontario? by Jon Hansen

Posted on July 10, 2015


” . . . since the award Bravo has been running up and down Ontario broader public sector claiming that MGS has “mandated” that all public sector orgs switch over to it… even going so far to darkly hint that provincial funding could get taken away if people don’t transition to their platform. We’ve heard this from customers in healthcare, academia, school boards, etc – very strong arm sales tactics. Huge bully pulpit.” – Anonymous Source

Given all that has happened this past week, the above excerpt from an e-mail I received earlier today, provides further proof that this could be one of the most interesting summers ever in the world of procurement!

Apparently, and much to the chagrin of almost everybody, BravoSolution’s is purportedly using strong armed tactics in an effort to force Ontario public sector organizations to use their platform. This includes hiring Deloitte to go with them on their silver or lead sales calls.

MGS Bravo

According to sources, the tactics have failed miserably.

Outside of the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services “MGCS” – who selected Bravo – only 3 other organizations have run more than one project on the platform.

The first and most obvious question for me was simply why? Why is there so much resistance on the part of government organizations to use BravoSolution?

The preliminary feedback that I received is 1. there is a great deal of resentment that the Ontario government awarded the contract to a foreign provider – Bravo is based out of the United Kingdom and, 2. unusually high vendor submission fees.

While there is some merit to the above answers – for example, I have generally speaking, never been a big fan of the pay-to-play model – experience has taught me that there are usually deeper, unspoken factors at play. Over the coming weeks I intend to find out what they may be and, what Ontario will likely have to do to get everyone back on the same page.

Stay tuned.


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