A $70 Million KKR Investment And A Series Of Big Client Wins: Ivalua SVP Joshi Tells All

Posted on April 27, 2017


Today at Noon ET I will be joined by Ivalua’s SVP Sales and Business Development Amol Joshi to talk about the upstart company’s big win with the State of Arizona.

Ironically, the use of the term upstart is somewhat deceiving, because Ivalua has been around for 15 years. The moniker, however, is appropriate because the win with Arizona as well as with Cadillac Fairview, US Foods, Honeywell and Credit Suisse are an indication of a seismic shift in the industry. In short, companies like Ivalua are taking the battle to the big boys such as CGI and coming out on top.

Some of the key discussion points for today’s interview will be;

1. Why, after 15 years in existence, is Ivalua starting to gain such significant traction?

2. Is the Arizona win, as well as the others referenced above, a sign of a pending paradigm shift away from the belt with suspenders, no one was ever fired for buying IBM mindset that has been prevalent within the business world?

3. Given that these wins have for all intents and purposes put Ivalua on the map, do you expect more intense competition from competitors who have now woken up to the fact that Ivalua is not a one hit wonder?

4. In the past, you have actually worked with CGI to win contracts. Do you believe that these wins in which they were also competing (and lost), will motivate them or other larger players to partner with Ivalua?

5. In our industry, as well as the industry in general, smaller companies who are very successful become takeover targets. If one of the larger players made an overture to acquire Ivalua, would the company be interested?

You can tune into the interview via the following link at Noon ET – it will also be available on an on-demand basis; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jon-hansen/2017/04/26/the-ivalua-tail-wags-the-cgi-dog