Is the digital supply chain for real?

Posted on July 10, 2019


Everyone talks about how digital will transform supply chains, but studies show that the gap between believing and achieving remains wide.

Wanting to understand why the vast majority of organizations are in a holding pattern regarding the launch of a digital strategy, I sought out the advice from some of the industry’s top thought leaders. Their responses to say the least was revelatory.

With feedback by way of three polls from those that attended the webinar discussion, I also gained significant insight into the end-user mind.

Between the expert’s input and end-user belief regarding what digital means and if and how it will pay-off, we were able to bridge the gap between promise and realization.

Starting with today’s post, I will share with you the poll results and invite you to listen to the corresponding discussion with the experts via the provided link.

“Staggering how bad data is.” Robert Handfield, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor

You can, of course, listen to the webinar in its entirety – which is a good idea as it is “packed” with incredible information that will help you with planning your strategy for the digital transformation of your supply chain.

Here are the first poll results and link to the question; On what area of your supply chain/procurement practice should you focus your digital strategy first? Note that the listening start point is at the 10:05 mark, while the concluding comment is at the 21:10 mark.


The commentary regarding the poll one results is like the ultimate wake-up call
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