Horizon 2019 Leadership Panel: Best Practices In Driving Procurement’s Digital Transformation

Posted on November 14, 2019


A Big THANK YOU to Print Procurement Guru Sarah Scudder for the following highlights of the key takeaways from my panel discussion at Horizon 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina, last week.

Be sure to click on her name to visit her LinkedIn profile to see what she is up to because she is an industry mover and shaker.

Thought leadership panel day one at #zycushorizon19 with Jon W. Hansen, Brian Roche, George Charalambous, Matt Mehalick and John O’Connell, MBA.

The topic? The dos and dont’s of doing a #procurement #digitaltransformation.


  • Stop relying on excel spreadsheets.
  • #Marketing is buying more #itservices and boy do marketing professionals move fast. Marketing wants to be first to market. People don’t remember the 2nd and 3rd to market. You don’t want procurement to be an obstacle (welcome to my world!).
  • The improvements in #technology are making waste and non compliant behavior less abundant.
  • It’s more about the behavior than the technology itself.
  • A pile of papers = a job. This has to change. It’s a people and team building resistance.
  • Procurement gets to take the lead to make automation real.
  • #Sourcing touches every department in a company (win!). – Doing things digitally is about change management.
  • Technology has removed the excuse between digital promise and realization.