New Knowledge Note: Finding an Alternative to Spreadsheets & Email

Posted on November 27, 2019


There is an old baseball saying about not being able to steal second with your foot still on first. One could reasonably argue that the same relationship exists regarding the digital transformation of the supply chain and the continuing reliance on spreadsheets and email.

In this Knowledge Note – which reflects the insights from a recent panel discussion, I tackle the topic of spreadsheet and email usage in the procurement world and what it means to our industry’s future from both an individual and a collective standpoint.

Here is the abstract from the Knowledge Note, as well as the link to download it.

You can also watch the panel discussion by way of this link.


Back in the early days of the personal computer, VisiCalc – a spreadsheet revolutionized the technology moving it from a hobbyist toy to a serious business tool.

Like the pencil, the basic premise and usability of the spreadsheet are one of the reasons why it is an enduring tool for business, and procurement today. But is it the best tool in the emerging digital age, where we are doing business beyond the cloud “on the edge?”

Besides examining the challenges with the continuing use and reliance on spreadsheets and emails in the procurement process, this Knowledge Note will go further than any other paper to provide the answers to the “why and how” questions regarding the alternatives?

Here is the link to download Finding an Alternative to Spreadsheets & Email: The Real Obstacle to Digital Transformation of Procurement