Talent acquisition goes digital, but does fast and efficient equal sure and effective? (Sourcing Solved excerpt)

Posted on January 27, 2020


Is automation a good thing? Absolutely.

But should everything be automated? In other words, can technology replace human expertise and experience?

In the following excerpt from his latest article, Iain Campbell-Mckenna examines the use of technology and more specifically, AI’s effectiveness in helping organizations to find and hire the right candidate for top executive positions. 

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In December’s 2019 HR Technologist article 3 Ways to Refresh Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Heading into 2020 talks about the need to shorten the hiring process. The reality is that the longer the hiring process, the more likely you are to lose the interest of a potential Procurement Director.

The suggestion to avert such a risk is to provide possible hires with a “quick and efficient way to apply for jobs while on-the-go.” Texting was one example of how companies can leverage technology to make the hiring process more convenient.

Unfortunately, the article did not specify for which jobs or positions this approach would be best.

In this context, the type of job is an important consideration. Fast and efficient may be an ideal way to hire your next pizza delivery person, but when it comes to choosing a procurement leader who will innovate and lead your procurement team into the new digital era, being thorough and precise sounds like a far better approach.

Looking beyond talent acquisition

There is no doubt that technology can play a potentially useful role in the hiring process.

To start, you can cast a broader net to build a much larger pool of potential candidates using functionality such as keyword matching to assess their suitability at a 10,000-radius.

The downside is the commitment and time required to judge a potential hire’s experience adequately with a reliance on keywords and no bandwidth to interact on a human level.

Once again, this may be a perfectly acceptable approach depending on the position within the organisation. However, there is another side of the speed and the efficiency coin that makes hiring the right person from the get-go important. Individually, the impact on retention rates and what replacing an employee who leaves will cost the organisation.

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