Supply chain comorbidity: Are we doing enough to manage the COVID-19 aftershocks?

Posted on March 14, 2020


During a crisis such as what we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the challenges that are immediately before us in the here and now, i.e., containing the virus’ spread makes sense.

Therefore, assessing the effectiveness of our risk management strategies regarding our supply chains to make future improvements is an exercise that is better left to another day. However, are we as procurement professionals being mindful of the risks beyond the coronavirus, which requires our immediate attention?

While “flattening the curve” and bringing the pandemic under control is the priority, will the aftershock of patients whose illnesses have nothing to do with the COVID-19 infection overwhelm our health care system and exacerbate the situation?

Covid aftershocks

The above article, which brings this aftershock potential to light, begs the question; what are we doing right now in addition to our efforts to contain the spread of the virus to avoid making a challenging situation worse?

What do we need to do to ensure the continuous and reliable supply of needed medicines?

As procurement professionals, WE have to provide the answers – do we have them?