Can you do your job as efficiently from home as you could in a “traditional” office environment?

Posted on March 17, 2020


Over the past few days, I have been asked by numerous people what my thoughts were regarding the likelihood that remote working would become the norm for procurement professionals.

Before the #covid19outbreak HBR reported that 30% of organizations had in place a work-from-home initiative or program. With the current efforts to flatten the curve regarding the virus infection rate in which the number of employees working from home has increased exponentially what will happen after this crisis has passed? By how much will that 30% grow?

I believe that it will increase dramatically for a variety of reasons including economic factors, breakthroughs brought about by technological advancement, the emergence of the gig economy etc.


In this context, articles such as this one from Iain Campbell-McKenna is worthwhile reading as it provides a good introduction into what it takes to be a remote worker successfully.

Business as usual

Besides having accessibility to technology, there are a few obvious steps employees need to take to ensure they are as productive at home as they are at the office.

To start, and as any virtual veteran will tell you, they need to have a “business as usual” mindset. By keeping to a normal daily schedule as if they were going to the office, including getting up at the same time, getting dressed, taking breaks are all an integral part of creating a sense of normalcy. In short, having and maintaining a routine is important.

Iain Campbell-McKenna, Homebound: When working from home is no longer optional

As a procurement professional, can you do your job as efficiently from home as you could in a “traditional” office environment?

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