The end of Procurement

Posted on August 4, 2020


A very interesting and timely article by IACCM’s Tim Cummins!


Commitment Matters

COVID-19 is prompting numerous changes in society, the economy and commercial relationships. Many are changes that would have occurred anyway, but the pandemic is generating a new sense of urgency. Examples range from the massive debates over racism and equality, to a rethink of economic management, the discussions over working from home and the need for increased collaboration in trading relationships.

Back in April, an article in the Financial Times highlighted one of the critical issues facing businesses. “Too late, many executives and owners have realised that by pursuing the holy grail of ever greater efficiency, they sacrificed robustness, resilience and effectiveness. In many cases, they will turn out to have sacrificed the business itself.” Already, in spite of government support programs, this is turning out to be true – for example, in June, business bankruptcies were up 43% on the previous year.

Much of the fragility in supply chains…

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