Why is the question regarding the difference between procurement versus purchasing still a thing?

Posted on June 13, 2022


Here is my response to a LinkedIn post by Supply Chain & Logistics Consultants, what are your thoughts?

In July 2008, I wrote a blog post titled “Is There a Difference Between Purchasing and Procurement? (A PI Q&A)” It was read 22,333 times and garnered an interesting response. Ref Link: https://lnkd.in/gAsvm5Wi

Fast forward to 2022, and trying to differentiate between purchasing, procurement, strategic sourcing, and whatever moniker we operate is more an exercise in semantics based on the singular or myopic view of our “job” in the past.

For six consecutive years, CPOs expressed the belief that their teams lacked the required skills to deliver on their strategic objectives. In other words, regardless of what we choose to call ourselves, our roles and responsibilities have changed dramatically. Today, we all have to be in purchasing, procurement, strategic sourcing, as well as other new and emerging responsibilities per the 2021 Deloitte CPO global survey.

Based on the above, maybe the question should be: why do we need to ask the question, what’s the difference between purchasing and procurement?

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