“Enough with having a seat at the table talk?”

Posted on November 11, 2022


Here are my thoughts regarding a great post by Steve Walton – what do you think?

In the April 2019 article “What Table? Why Procurement Has to Stop Chasing Ghosts from The Past,” I shared the following quote from Kelly Barner about a Rich Weissman LinkedIn post:

“I totally agree – and as companies change, so does the structure of the traditional management team. As Jon W. Hansen recently told me in a conversation about this exact topic… there IS no table anymore! The fact that we are still longing for a place there is more of an indication that we are rooted in the past than it is proof that procurement is ready to be elevated.”

If the pandemic, war in Ukraine, and inflation haven’t shown us that PROCUREMENT “is the table” by now, I am at a loss for words. Most C-Suite executives I have talked to directly recognize the multiple touch points both within and external to the enterprise on which the supply chain has an impact. In short, with a robust supply chain, things get done.

I was part of a Supply Chain Canada panel with Janice DavisBertrand MaltaverneMichael Pleuger and Blair Morrison that discussed procurement’s future. Thierry Jaffry was the moderator. May be worth another listen: https://lnkd.in/eAvfrnnu

In the meantime, check out Steve’s post and share your thoughts which has already garnered 1,260 reactions, 150 comments, and 65 reposts.