What Would a Procurement Advent Calendar Contain?

Posted on December 21, 2022


“For many Americans, unveiling a new treat from their advent calendar each day until Christmas sparks joy. Traditionally, these treats have been straightforward — a piece of chocolate or a small toy.

But those were simpler times. In 2022, advent calendars have gotten quite the avant-garde makeover.” – Advent calendars get more unhinged each year, The Hustle (December 21st, 2022)

According to the above article from the Hustle, Chanel introduced an $825 Advent calendar that was “lambasted last year for including cheap items like stickers and string bracelets.” Like Chanel, Dior has been “skewered” for its “$3.5k advent calendar filled with items like a candle lid.”

While on my Christmas shopping adventures, I have also seen some remarkably “different” offerings ranging from socks and liqueur to pet snacks. Besides wondering what happened to the nickel (5 cents) wax chocolates of the past, I started to wonder what a 12 days of procurement Advent calendar might contain.

Could it hold a pencil sharpener to shave prices? How about a mini-calculator to measure savings or a wizard’s wand to symbolize the magic we do on a daily – even hourly basis?

I may get more imaginative when I start to enjoy many slices of Jennifer’s Kentucky bourbon-soaked fruit cake that has been fermenting in our fridge over the past week. However, I now turn to you, my readers, to share your take on what a procurement Advent calendar would (or should) contain.

Season’s Greeting from the Hansen Family

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