Why should 2023 be the year we finally drop the word “purchasing” from our industry vocabulary?

Posted on January 4, 2023


Editor’s Note: This morning, I read an “interesting” LinkedIn post regarding an article on the Zycus blog, to which I provided the comment below.

In July 2008 and then again in June 2022, I wrote, “Why is the question regarding the difference between procurement versus purchasing still a thing?

In the latter article, I reported the following: “For six consecutive years, CPOs expressed the belief that their teams lacked the required skills to deliver on their strategic objectives. In other words, regardless of what we choose to call ourselves, our roles and responsibilities have changed dramatically.”

In much the same way that we use the words “adviser and advisor” interchangeably, the underlying message of this article, from my standpoint, makes a case for “retiring” the word purchasing. Like the word adviser, purchasing represents the old way of seeing our role in what is a dramatically changing world. In short, we are all in procurement!

What are your thoughts?

Ref Link: https://procureinsights.com/2022/06/13/why-is-the-question-regarding-the-difference-between-procurement-versus-purchasing-still-a-thing/

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