Digital transformation success comes down to 3 choices in the right order – Do you know the right order?

Posted on March 12, 2023


The Coles Notes Version of Digital Transformation Success:

Regardless of ERP, digital SaaS, or AI, with which approach will organizations find success:

– process, technology, people
– technology, process, people
– people, process, technology

The answer to everything is in one of the above three options.

The Full Story on Why Digital Transformation Success Comes Down to Three Options

Mathew Schulz, some of the biggest raps against ERP-based platforms were that they:

1. did not offer a “friendly” end-user interface, so I think the Mendocino Project, e.g., Duet made sense. Meet the end-user where they are most comfortable.

2. did not offer easy access to critical data in real-time. It was a fair assessment per the following statement from Forrester‘s Navi Radjou – “In a 2002 article, Navi Radjou linked the lack of flexibility to the inherent problems of enterprise-centric applications from vendors such as Oracle. The problem is that batch-based supply-chain tools “can’t support swift resolution of supply chain glitches.” He said that “these apps need time to collect and synthesize data from multiple sources – even those unaffected by the exception at hand.” – Duncan Jones

3. Despite these hurdles, between 2007 and today, the Commonwealth of Virginia‘s eVA program was and continues to be the beacon of effective and proficient digital transformation. – Bob Sievert NASPO ValuePoint & Forrester Wave Report –

4. Despite SaaS digital tech advancement, a 2019 Deloitte‘s CPO survey reports that most CPOs are dissatisfied with the results of their digital transformation. –

5. When it comes to “data management,” Microsoft‘s Satya Nadella talked about the importance of creating the right “Company Culture.” –

6. In a new article Trust Your Supplier‘s Michelle Armstrong talks about the importance of “service provider skills and experience” in a successful digital project. Nick Picone April Harrison Gary Storr Sai Nidamarty

Here are your options:

– process, technology, people
– technology, process, people
– people, process, technology

Regardless of ERP, SaaS, AI etc. with which one will you have a successful digital transformation of procurement?

Hint 1: What did the eVA team (see image below) do differently and why have they been consistently successful through the ERP and digital eras?

Hint 2: Bill McAneny‘s Frankenstein’s Manager is worth considering, e.g., “Instead, what we end up with are managers pieced together like Frankenstein’s monster with a bunch of ill-fitting parts rather than a complete and coherent whole person.” –

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Hint 1 – Commonwealth of Virginia eVA Program

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