Job Candidate Ghosting: You Don’t Ghost Me, I Ghost You!

Posted on April 3, 2023


In a recent LinkedIn post, Iain Campbell McKenna wrote the following: “Ghosting in recruitment is not a paranormal occurrence; it’s frequently happening in the hiring process and can significantly impact candidates and the entire recruitment industry.

After citing several great examples, he then admonished hiring companies by writing “It’s okay to say “no”; it’s “NOT” okay to ignore a candidate and leave them wondering what happened.”

In wanting to understand why ghosting is happening, I did a little research, and came across the following excerpt from an article:

“Candidates ghosting employers is becoming a big problem, increasing by 10-20% over the past year alone. According to a recent LinkedIn report, 95% of recruiters say they’ve experienced ghosting, and a full 40% of candidates believe it’s reasonable to ghost an employer.”

This following quote from another article also got my attention:

“Recruiters are ghosting candidates after initial job interviews, but some job applicants are inclined to return the favor, two surveys show.”

This next excerpt from a third article speaks to candidate expectations:

“58% of candidates said that they expect to hear back from employers within a week or less after submitting their initial applications.”

Finally, according to a 2019 CNBC article:

“1 in 5 workers accepted a job offer and “ghosted” on their first day.” In other cases, candidates aren’t showing up for job interviews.

Please don’t misconstrue what I say; ghosting isn’t very nice. However, it doesn’t seem to be a one-way road practice.

I wonder if quiet quitting is also a form of ghosting?

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