What is a procurement professionals “best before” date or shelf life at one company

Posted on May 11, 2023


EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is my response to a LinkedIn comment suggesting that if a new hire leaves within 5 years the recruitin agency should refund 150% of their fee.

David Everett 5 years or 150% fee refund!

Interesting thought.

I grew up in an era where you were considered unreliable if you changed jobs more than once in your career.

Today, the average person will change careers 5 – 7 times during their working life, with 30% of the total workforce changing every 12 months. We are talking about more than just the advent of the gig economy here.

I am not sure that 5 years is the magic number because mainstream thinking today considers someone’s lack of movement to be a sign that an individual is not motivated or driven to achieve.

If I were to consider the musings of Daniel Barnes ☄️🦖 Tom Mills, those who stay in a job because it is secure and therefore comfortable are dinosaurs – at least, that is my interpretation.

So I would ask them, as well as others, when it comes to procurement, what is an employee’s best-before date, e.g., shelf life? Should it be measured in years, accomplishments, or continuing education?


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