What is Coupa Software’s former CEO & Chairman, Rob Bernshteyn legacy?

Posted on May 14, 2023


Last week, Jason Busch wrote a great post regarding the departure of Rob Bernshteyn from Coupa.

I remember interviewing Rob shortly after he joined Coupa in 2009 on my radio show for the “Emerging Giants: The New Titans of the SaaS World” series. – https://bit.ly/3o2EWOv

Based partly on that interview with Rob, I wrote a white paper in 2009 from which the following excerpts are taken:

“What Coupa has achieved with their latest release is the creation of a dashboard that parallels the interactive capabilities of what I have described above within the framework of their already effective Software as a Service “SaaS” platform . . . the paper will provide you with insight and understanding of why Coupa has successfully “bridged the gap between what is known and what is possible” and, in the process, redefined the modern, globalized procurement practice.”

Some of the other Titans are still with us – others are not so much. However, it is clear from the many reader comments for my 2022 post regarding Thoma Bravo’s $8 Billion acquisition of Coupa that Bernshteyn was the right person at the right time in 2009 to take the company to the next level and beyond. – https://bit.ly/3OexZ7P

What are your thoughts – what role has and will Coupa continue to play in procurement’s digital transformation?



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