SAP Mobile App Strategy demonstrates a forethought of intent that reflects a collaboration with versus a reaction to a changing market

Posted on February 15, 2012


One of the more exciting aspects of my radio series on mobile computing is that it squarely places me in the middle of what I can only describe as being a major market transformation in which the means by which we interact both socially as well as in our business dealings is converging into a paradigm shift of significant magnitude.

While recent reports indicate that for the first time ever mobile devices are now outselling both desktop and laptop computers, it is becoming abundantly clear in these early stages of change of what SAP Executive VP Chris McClain called the mobile moment, that some company’s saw what was coming and effectively repositioned themselves to adapt as opposed to react to the shift in end user needs.

While I will enthusiastically encourage you to listen to the on-demand broadcast from yesterday in which I welcomed SAP’s J.P. Finnel and Vishy Gopalakrishnan back to the show (The Mobile Supply Chain Series: We’ve Got An App For That!), the focus of the discussion on the company’s Mobile Application Strategy, which is by far one of the most proactively innovative I have encountered in a  long time, speaks to the forethought of SAP’s mobile vision.

Again both this week as well as last week’s segment (Part 1 – The Mobile Supply Chain Series: We’ve Got An App For That!) provide what I would call a ground floor understanding of the emerging mobile business world, and what you can expect in the form of creative applications.

In the meantime, and as a means of illustrating the tremendous possibilities associated with the mobile age is the following video on Standard Bank.