Buyers Meeting Points’ 2012 Pro To Know Kelly Barner becomes a regular PI contributing columnist

Posted on April 16, 2012


I am pleased to welcome Buyers Meeting Points’ Kelly Barner as a regular contributing columnist to the Procurement Insights Blog.

Kelly recently received the well deserved honor of being a 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive ‘Pro to Know’ for her (and partner Cindy Allen-Murphy’s) incredible work in both informing and empowering procurement professionals the world over through the Buyers Meeting Point website.

Starting today Kelly will, on a bi-weekly basis, extend this service commitment through the contribution of what I know will be interesting and thought provoking posts on industry news and events, as well as areas of professional development.

Meet Kelly Barner:

Kelly has a unique perspective on procurement from her experience on both sides of the negotiation desk – both as a practitioner and a consultant at a solution provider.  She has led projects involving members of procurement, supplier and purchasing teams.  Kelly has practical skills in strategic sourcing program design and management, opportunity assessment, knowledge management, and custom taxonomy design and implementation.  She also has direct sourcing experience in a number of product and service categories including: inventory fuel, location-based and professional services, corrugated, and corporate purchasing cards.  Kelly has her MBA as well as an MS in Library and Information Science, and is a 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive ‘Pro to Know’.

Be sure to look for Kelly’s first post later today in the Procurement Insights Blog.