Virginia’s eProcurement Bureau Director to provide the client point of view with a regular column in the Procurement Insights Blog

Posted on August 28, 2012


The first time I had the pleasure of talking with Bob Sievert back in August 2007 was when he contacted me regarding a then recent post titled The Ariba Interviews: Re-engineering the Future of On-Demand?

After introducing himself and sharing with me a brief overview of Virginia’s eVA initiative, Bob asked if I would be interested in talking with someone from the Commonwealth as a means of gaining a perspective from the “other side of the fence.”  He was of course talking about the client perspective as it related to the emergence of the on-demand or Software-as-a-Service model.

Besides leading to what is still ranked as two of this blog’s highest read posts*, which interesting enough were picked-up by a number of both print and electronic publications, it is kind of ironic that we would come full circle to today.  Specifically, Bob will be joining some of the industry’s most interesting and informed professionals as a regular guest columnist for the Procurement Insights blog.  And yes you guessed it . . . he will be offering his view on the state of the industry from a client’s perspective starting with his first post Virginia Launches eProcurement Mobile App.  You will be able to read that tomorrow right here.

In the meantime, here is a little bit of background information on Bob that I am sure you will find equally interesting;

Bob Sievert is Virginia’s eProcurement Bureau Director and responsible for the implementation of their eProcurement system called eVA.  Launched in 2001 this system utilized Cloud and SaaS technologies before the terms were even invented.  With a successful deployment across all Virginia state government, higher education and almost 600 local governments, eVA continues to hit unheard of benchmarks with over 53,000 suppliers and 22,000 users processing annually more than 25,000 sourcing events and 400,000 orders or $4.5 billion in spend.   With annual savings over $30million, eVA has an estimated total savings to-date of more than $338 million.

Bob Sievert, (center) Director of the
e-Procurement Bureau, Division of Purchases and Supply, accepts award for eVA’s work with GSA.

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