What value do you bring to your relationships? (Part 1 of 2) by Roz Usheroff

Posted on May 16, 2013


The other day I read an article by Kelly Barner titled “What if there is no value in what you’re doing?

While Barner was posing this question from the standpoint of being a procurement professional, it is nonetheless a powerful yet simple question that all of us at one point should be asking ourselves.  After all, and regardless of whether we are talking about our employers or clients or for that matter our personal relationships, I believe that we need to truly assess our impact on others to better understand our value proposition.

For example, why would a client wish to continue to deal with you if you fail to meet their needs on a consistent basis?  Why would your present employer keep you on the payroll if they could not clearly identify how your efforts contributed to their bottom line?

It is at this point that Barner introduces the important difference between performing an important task and creating value.  According to Barner, “if you are struggling to define value for your organization or to demonstrate measurably that you have created it,” the problem may be your area of focus.

In the following excerpt from my new book The Future of You! Creating Your Enduring Brand, I talk about this disconnect between fulfilling a task and establishing your value;

Over the years I have seen many careers take an unexpected turn toward the unemployment line.  The reason was also fairly simple.  The individuals, while experienced and talented, had lost sight of how their unique abilities were valued by the organizations for whom they worked.  In other words, they lost sight of how they solved their company’s or client’s problems and thus failed to make an indelible and enduring mark.  In essence, they failed to build a legacy based on filling a tangible need.

So here is my question to you . . . what tangible need are you filling for your employer or client?  How are you able to clearly demonstrate this value?

In Part 2 of this post I will delve deeper into how you not only find a need and fill it (thank you Ruth Stafford Peale), but demonstrate it in a manner that enables you to make your own indelible and enduring mark.

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