Is your brand your most powerful negotiating tool? (Part 2) by Roz Usheroff

Posted on October 22, 2013


Editor’s Note: Here is Part 2 from last week’s 2-Part series by Roz Usheroff which asked the question; Is your brand your most powerful negotiating tool?

Referencing IACCM’s Tim Cummins’ response to Part 1, Usheroff provides an interesting take on when the negotiation process actually begins.

The Remarkable Leader

“Without question, brand and brand image make a big difference. For the ‘trusted’ brand, the pressure to negotiate will be less – they are known for honoring their commitment and indeed their future image depends on meeting their commitment.”

Tim Cummins, CEO IACCM

Trust me

In his response to my previous post, International Association Contract and Commercial Management CEO Tim Cummins perhaps best summed up the link between one’s personal brand and the negotiation process.  Specifically, your brand is your reputation, and your reputation is a significant asset (or liability) at the bargaining table.

While not necessarily surprising, in the context of Mr. Cummins’ earlier assertion regarding “the ‘conspiracy’ that leads executives on both sides of the table to ‘lie’ to their trading partners,” one cannot help but wonder why someone would risk their reputation by being less than honest in their dealings with people.

An even more interesting question is…

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