Life remains tough for small, innovative companies trying to secure UK public sector business by Alun Rafique

Posted on December 4, 2013


Editor’s Note: While this article – written by a UK-based SME – speaks directly to the challenges associated with pursuing public sector business in the UK, is the pursuit of government contracts in North America a lost cause for the majority of SMEs?

Procurement Insights EU Edition

“In order to give Customers using the Framework a balance between choice of suppliers and best value, following completion of the evaluation of tenders a maximum number of five suppliers will be awarded a position on the Framework. It is therefore vital that Tenderers can offer each of the five modules detailed on the following page.  As referenced previously in this ITT it is anticipated Customers will elect to procure one or more modules or may choose to purchase a complete solution incorporating all of the five modules.  It is therefore essential that Tenderers can offer all of the five modules to meet the requirements of those customers looking for a complete solution. Any Tenderer who cannot offer one or more of the elements listed above in 3.1 will be removed from this procurement process.”

The above is a quote from an invitation to tender by the UK public buying…

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