People transformation before digital transformation and the role of executive search professionals (Sourcing Solved Excerpt)

Posted on November 27, 2019


In an interview I did with Microsoft Canada President Kevin Peesker, he said that when it comes to the digital age, companies would either “transform or be transformed.”

I think that it is also fair to say that an organization’s transformation begins with its people. Specifically, your transformation as a company cannot happen unless, first and foremost, your people are transformed.

So, do you have the right people in place for such a transformation to happen? Not according to surveys such as the one below.


With cutbacks in training budgets, how do you find the right people to help bring your organization into the digital age?

The following excerpt from a Sourcing Solved article by Iain Campbell McKenna takes a look at the differences between a standard recruitment process and the services provided by an executive search professional. While both play an essential role in their respective areas of expertise and focus when it comes to hiring your next strategic thought leader and change champion, executive search professionals appear to be the way to go.  

Here is the article excerpt:

A standard recruitment process usually starts with either HR or an internal recruitment team using a standard role specification to measure a candidate’s suitability. Without the right keywords on their CV, at a first glance, it’s difficult to quantify their relevance and many are rejected at the first hurdle.

It is then followed quickly by first interviews, which are typically telephone-based, making it virtually impossible to measure how any of the candidates interact face-to-face, or how they respond to both open and closed questions.

So, when recruiting for your next senior specialist, it’s essential to understand what your recruitment options are and why executive search is a valuable service, especially when your objective is to recruit a long term hire, who fits with not only to your skill requirements, but also your company ethos and vision.

What is an Executive Search Specialist?

Procurement executive search specialists, like ourselves, are experienced in their field and take time to understand your company’s overall objectives and the alignment of procurements goals with finance.

They start by having several conversations with the management team to understand the structure, organisation, challenges, technologies, and objectives, drilling deeper and beyond a standard job specification. This process highlights the necessary skills and personality required to fit with your company culture, which is essential to ensure the delivery of value, change, and innovation.

Use the following link to gain more insight into the differences between a recruiting process and the executive search process to discover which one is right for you;