Sorry, Charlie, there is something wrong with the world’s seafood supply chain (Procurement Foundry Special)

Posted on December 6, 2019


There is something fishy going on in the seafood supply chain. Check out the following excerpt from my latest article in Procurement Foundry to learn more before you order that plate of Sea Bass.

When you hear the words “something fishy is going on here,” the implication is clear: someone is doing something shady and usually dishonest.

Sadly, and when it comes to the seafood supply chain, the term is more literal than it is figurative.

According to a March 2019 National Geographic article, mislabelling is a problem with 20 percent of all fish sold in restaurants, markets, and grocery stores. The mislabelled product is usually a cheaper alternative to what you think you are buying, lending credence to the belief that the “errors” are intentional rather than due to poor identification processes.

Regardless of how it happens, there are serious consequences.

Health Risk

Ocean advocacy group Oceana reports that “swapping” species can put people at risk for serious health issues, including possible ingestion of “contaminants, toxins or allergens.” So, we are not just talking about being swindled out of a few extra dollars here.

What Can Procurement Do?

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