The 3D Value Chain (Forbes Special)

Posted on December 13, 2019


I was recently quoted in Forbes talking about how “progressive organizations” are those who “consistently look beyond a transactional mindset and adopt a relational approach in which transparency and risk-sharing result in a beneficial outcome for all stakeholders.”

Besides myself, industry thought leaders such as Kate Vitasek, Andy Akrouche, and even IACCM’s Tim Cummins have in their own unique way been saying the same thing. Building strong relationships with all stakeholders is the key to sustainable procurement success.

However, it was not until Janne Kyttanen’s article “Experts Are Thinking Beyond 3D Value Chains And You Should Too,” that I realized that ours are no longer voices in the wilderness. Expressly, the advocation of a mindset that until now has been limited to circumstances rather than pre-meditated intent. The I-35W case is a perfect example of a situational versus purposeful “relational” strategy.

In the article, Kyttanen explains in a manner that is both precise and logical how taking a relational approach will create the ideal value network in the 3D printing industry. However, it is worth noting that the core principles to which he refers in the 3D world will also apply to any industry.

Besides his article being an excellent read, having another voice like Kyttanen’s join the relational chorus is not only a welcome addition but an indication that we no longer need a crisis to collaborate openly with our supplier “partners.”

Here is the link to Janne’s article.

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