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When the Spark of Collaboration is Battery Powered by Kelly Barner

August 19, 2014


Supplier collaboration. Add it to procurement transformation and category management as popular procurement phrases that are successfully implemented less often than they are clearly defined. As procurement professionals, we know we are supposed to collaborate more. We are actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with our suppliers. But having the desire to collaborate is not […]

The freedom to collaborate by Jon Hansen

August 14, 2014


I recently came across a very interesting post in the Nipendo P2P Narrative blog titled “What is supplier collaboration“. What made it interesting – at least from my perspective, is that it zeros in on a simple yet powerful truth.  You have to remove the barriers to collaboration before you can actually begin to well […]

P2P Breaking Through – From Dumb Pipes to Smart Networks a “must attend” Webinar by Jon Hansen

June 5, 2014


Just this morning I received an e-mail invite to the June 12th 30 minute Nipendo webinar under the heading “Beyond e-procurement and e-invoicing: what’s next?” Hosted by Purchasing Insight’s Pete Loughlin, attendees will find out how leading enterprises are building intelligent P2P solutions that: Rise above the limitations of document-based buyer-supplier communication Block bad data […]

Gaining trust and a foothold in higher education by Jon Hansen

June 3, 2014


As one of our New Wave companies for 2014, Unimarket is an interesting study in contrasts.  On the one hand, the organization has been around for a long time – nearly 2 decades from original conception. On the other hand Unimarket, like the individuals in the old American Express “Do you know me” commercials, has […]

How Nipendo makes us all look smart by Jon Hansen

June 2, 2014


Back in my April 23rd post “What IBM was to mainframes and Coupa was to SaaS, Nipendo is to the P2P cloud“, I wrote the following; I believe that Nipendo is a company to watch – and watch closely – in that not only have they seen the future, they also understand it and are […]

What IBM was to mainframes and Coupa was to SaaS, Nipendo is to the P2P cloud by Jon Hansen

April 23, 2014


In talking about the Internet of Things and more specifically the Internet of Things and Humans, Eran Livneh wrote the following in his recent Nipendo blog post What is the Internet of Things and what does it mean to the P2P world;  “For Procure-to-Pay applications to keep pace with where “Things” are heading, we need […]

The Elcom enigma; A case of unlimited possibilities and unrealized potential by Jon Hansen

April 1, 2014


Based on my conversation earlier this morning with Elcom’s Executive VP Finance David Elliot, I could not help but wonder if we should seriously consider broadening the definition of a start-up business. I have of course written about Elcom in the past, including my reference to  the company in my September 23rd, 2013 post “Welcome […]

New Intel case study provides interesting insight in terms of supplier accessibility

February 27, 2014


The following Intel Case Study is quite interesting in terms of demonstrating how the emerging B2B world is transitioning to a more nimble technological platform that provides equal access across a company’s supply base regardless of vendor size.  Or to put it another way, we have come a long way since the limiting days of […]