ISM Webinar The “Human” Side Of Digital Transformation Now Available On Demand

Posted on December 27, 2017


This ISM/Zycus interactive webinar was fast-paced and energized and one of the most memorable ones that I have done this past year. In fact, everyone who signed on to attend stayed until the very end – and even a little longer because we ran six minutes over.

The fact is when we usually talk about digital transformation, the focus is almost exclusively on the technology. While this undeniably is a critical element in the overall equation, as the head of Lenovo Canada stressed in a recent article, it is equally important to “look beyond the technology” and recognize the “importance of having a culture that embraces an IT evolution.”

Has your organization created a culture that is digital ready? Are you has a procurement professional digital ready?

This webinar will provide you with the answers to these and many more questions including introducing the BIG seven capabilities CPO’s indicate are most important to them in the emerging digital world.


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