With so many, many different solutions on the market, how can companies select, implement and manage the right solutions?

Posted on March 7, 2023


EDITOR’S NOTE: Dirk Spijkers’ post on LinkedIn is garnering a great deal of interest and comments, and for good reason. He asks the following question: “The number of technology solutions in supply chain & procurement are becoming so large, that I wonder how companies can select, implement and manage the right solutions.”

I will share one of my answers in today’s post.

Nico Bac, I remember the early days of Industry Specific Apps built on the MAI Basic Four.

The early days of Oracle and SAP and their corresponding acquisitions and assimilation of competing platforms, as well as their “we don’t get out of bed for any project less than $1 million” mantra.

Microsoft‘s interest in acquiring SAP (The Mendocino Project)

The high rate of ERP initiative failures, e.g., the VETERANS HEALTH ADMINSTRATION Bay Pines incident and the FoxMeyer drugstore chain collapse.

The promising and exciting emergence of the on-demand SaaS model solutions implemented at a low cost in months in weeks versus years.

The 2019 Deloitte global survey of CPOs reporting that most are not satisfied with the results of their (SaaS) digital transformation strategies.

There were a few exceptions, such as the Commonwealth of Virginia‘s eVA initiative – http://bit.ly/3SUWxml

eVA’s enduring success was not based on its focus on one suite or best-of-breed technologies but on its procurement leadership taking ownership of its progressive integration through the years. Or, as the top Virginia execs put it, they would have and continue to have success with any technology.

Takeaway: People, Process, and then Technology


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