Talent Attraction and Retention in a Global Economy (White Paper Release)

Posted on January 16, 2008


Who Can Benefit from this Paper?

This white paper is a must read for any professional regardless of whether they are in purchasing or not as it examines the very culture that defines a corporation, and ultimately determines its ability to survive and thrive in the emerging global economy.

Referencing a diverse set of reports and studies including a Chief Procurement Officers panel discussion, the reader is assured of gaining insights from the previously uncharted waters of executive thought process.

White Paper Excerpt from Talent Attraction and Retention in a Global Economy:

Like a politician stumping for votes, proclamations by senior executives (and many industry pundits) that “people” and “not technology” are what is “important” rarely translates from the realm of oratory pontification into meaningful real-world application.

This is due in large part to the fact that outside of the framework of political correctness, communication as Bill McAneny offered in his book Frankenstein’s Manager – Leadership’s Missing Links is actually a desire and not a skill.  A skill that is in short supply according to his findings.  In fact, second only to the ubiquitous lack of people skills complaint, ineffective communication said McAneny is the most common charge leveled at an organization’s leadership.

As a result, observations such as those made in reports like the ISM, CAPS and A.T. Kearney collaboration (Succeeding in a Dynamic World: Supply Management in the Decade Ahead) are in reality hollow expressions of an ideal that few actually pursue.  A pursuit, which interestingly enough is undermined by some of the other recommendations contained within the very same report.  A contradiction I would add, that has not eluded the consciousness of most procurement professionals.

In reality, talent attraction and retention begins and ends with the pre-existence of firmly established core values and a clearly defined strategy.  In other words, attracting and retaining talent is not an exercise in and of it self but is the by-product of a sound procurement strategy and practice.

For today’s purchasing professional, this provides an opportunity to make the transition from an arm chair quarterback to an on-field star who assumes the leadership role.  A line from the movie Rudy illustrates the sentiments behind why a purchasing professional should take the lead with their organization’s e-procurement initiative, when Coach Devine challenged the Notre Dame football team to “Remember, no one and I mean no one comes into our house and pushes us around.”  With an e-procurement initiative, everyone in the company is playing in the purchasing department’s house!

Document Outline: 21 Pages, Plus Appendices 

Main Sections: I Can’t Hear What You are Saying Because Your Actions are Speaking Too Loud, Are You a Doom Loop Company, An Unbridgeable Chasm, Case Study, Biding One’s Time, Traditional Mindsets and the Roots of a Disconnected Practice, Procurement Through the Looking Glass, Tactical Necessity Versus Strategic Imperative, The “Alternative” Talent Pool, Technology and the Growing Talent Crunch, The Perfect Storm, Commitment = Skill Development = Results

Appendices: Succeeding in a Dynamic World: Supply Management in the Decade Ahead (Report Synopsis), Colin Powell (Speach), CPO Agenda Panel Discussion (Notes), Technology’s Diminishing Role in an Emerging Process Driven World (Article), Report on U.S. Sector Job Growth (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), eProcurement: The Technology of Smart Shopping (Article)

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