SAP Procurement for Public Sector (White Paper)

Posted on January 18, 2008


Who Can Benefit from this Paper?

This white paper is an essential resource tool for public sector organizations that are already a client of SAP or, are in the process of investigating SAP as a possible platform for their procurement practice.

Utilizing an advanced research methodology, the primary objective of this paper is to provide decision-makers with an “objective lens” through which they will be able to view the SAP offering in a new light.

White Paper Excerpt from SAP Procurement for Public Sector:

SAP PPS – True Innovation or an Exercise in Re-branding?

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” While mildly amusing, it is nonetheless a thought provoking statement when applied to the evolution of the enterprise software industry and in particular the introduction of supply chain/e-procurement solutions.

The fact that awareness of the high-rate of ERP/IT-based initiative failure to deliver the expected results is now entering mainstream consciousness, vendors and those associated with the recommendation and implementation of solutions find themselves in unfamiliar waters. Specifically, what do you do to overcome the growing cynicism within the end-user community?

In this context, does the introduction of a Procurement for Public Sector (PPS) module/upgrade by SAP signal the introduction of new and innovative technology that will reverse the generally negative results in the market as a whole? More to the point (especially concerning existing SAP clients) will the PPS modules pave the way for an enterprise-wide adoption of a broader SAP centered e-procurement strategy?

Document Outline: 19 Pages, Plus Appendices

Main Sections: SAP PPS – True Innovation or an Exercise in Re-Branding, SAP’s Procurement for Public Sector – The Past and Present, Repairs on the Fly – Overcoming Past Challenges, A Case for PPS?, SAP – The Dark Side of the Moon, The Origins of a Failed Initiative, Reversing the Trend, A Beacon of what is Possible, Like Deeds – Results Speak!, The Microsoft Connection

Appendices: Arapahoe County (Case Study), Extending the Enterprise – SAP: Are its customers happy? (Article), The Hewlett-Packard $400 million Nightmare (Case Reference), Cadbury-Schwepps (Case Reference), SAP Gate Methodology (Reference), The Mendocio Project (Article), Case Study Index

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