The Ides of March for procurement experts? by Jon Hansen

Posted on March 21, 2014


Back in October of last year I wrote a post titled “It’s the end of the world as we know it . . . at least for traditional analyst firms and bloggers,” in which I talked about the reasons why the days of the traditional industry experts were numbered.

What was interesting is that very few of my readers disagreed with me – which is probably why this blog as such a strong core following.

The fact is that the industry is rapidly changing for a variety of reasons.

To start, the advice offered by industry pundits in the past failed to deliver any meaningful outcome for the market as reflected in the high rate of e-procurement initiative failures.

Then of course there is the emergence of a new generation of procurement professionals who rather than falling into the procurement role, actively sought this as a desired career path.  This means that today’s procurement professional is more knowledgeable and in tune with their part in the bigger picture.  As a result they are more strategic and relational in their approach as opposed to being simply functional.

Finally, we now live in a world of 7/24 information overload.  What this means is that while content is still king, the ability to connect with your audience in a meaningful way requires an understanding of social networking and social media.  Unfortunately for the vast majority of analysts and even bloggers, this understanding is generally nominal at best.

In short, the paradigm shift to which I had intimated was on the very near horizon in my October post, is now beginning to tangibly manifest itself with the emergence of new sources of knowledge.  And just as the Ides of March marked a significant point in Roman history, these new knowledge sources – or resources if you prefer – now mark a significant turning point in how the market will begin informing itself about developments in the purchasing world.

Ides of March

As a means of introducing you to this exciting new frontier of insight and empowerment I will be interviewing Mitch Mac Donald who, as the Group Editorial Director for DC Velocity, will talk about the just announced launch of AGiLE Applied Research Labs.

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The goal of the new entity is to deliver logistics and supply chain executives with the highest-value, best-written, and most useful information available, we stand apart.

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