Make one little suggestion that women might be better negotiators than men and . . . by Jon Hansen

Posted on May 20, 2014


Less than 24 hours after posting my latest LinkedIn article Are women really better negotiators than men?, there has been a steady flow of comments – 246 so far and counting, as well as 203 likes.  What is interesting is that I could not help but wonder how many of the select few of the total 14,000 plus readers to this point in time, have actually read the article before suggesting that my father had married his sister, or that I should insert something somewhere that is an anatomical impossibility – at least I hope it is.  Not that dissenting discourse itself bothers me, because as you already know I love a good debate, and I never take anything personally.

Putting aside the lighter moments of perspective within the article itself such as my reference to a Tim Allen grunt of victory, I also wonder if these same voices that did read the article actually clicked on the provided links?  By doing so they would have likely gained additional insight into the data behind my asking the question in the first place.

Once again, and while the article was meant to be probing, suggestive and even entertaining – there is no need to be boring as procurement is exciting – whether or not one agrees or disagrees with a position I think that one should do their homework.  I also think that when someone does respond they should perhaps provide additional data or research material to shed more light on a subject.  Maybe it is just me but this would be far more productive than suggesting that the pea I had for a brain had somehow fallen out of my ear.

So I find myself turning to you dear reader and asking you the question . . . Are women really better negotiators than men and, if they are, why?

Editor’s Note: If you are on the move and would prefer to listen to the article, you can hear it through Umano.

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