Making The Case: Feedback on providers directly from the mouths of practitioners

Posted on February 19, 2020


As a ghostwriter for many top executives and their teams from the practitioner side, I am often asked what I know and think of a particular service provider.

For example, practitioners want something more than the usual glossy brochures or technical analysis from third parties – even though both have a useful role to play in the overall decision-making process. Specifically, direct feedback from the end-user client perspective.

Sure, all service providers can provide client references on request. These are nothing new. However, what practitioners also want is for someone to interview the clients directly with a scrutinizing eye of understanding from both a technical as well as a practical standpoint to gain additional insight: a one-to-one, up close and personal discussion after which they receive a written report.

Well, in doing these unofficial assessments, it dawned on me that I was gaining a good deal of new intelligence that could be potentially beneficial to the practitioner world overall. The case reference such as the one I am sharing with you today is the first in what will be a continuing series aptly titled Making The Case.

I Am Not An Advocate For or Against

The case references provide an overview of how a provider solved a client problem in a “challenge, solution, outcome” format. You can then use them as a starting point to determine if you want to take your research to the next level with a specific solution provider.


Here is the first one in the series. Subsequent posts will feature different providers.

If a provider isn’t on here, it isn’t necessarily a sign that they do not have a good solution. It means that I have not had a sufficient number of requests to warrant a client interview at this point.

That said, if you are considering a specific provider for whom I have not done a client interview, let me know. Being a ghostwriter, your confidentiality and anonymity are safe with me.

One final point is that these case references should not be construed as an endorsement for or against any service provider. I am simply providing my findings from a direct interview with their client. If you want to talk with a provider, I can, of course, facilitate an introduction.