Benchmarking And Beyond: The New Metrics For Measuring Procurement Success In The Digital Age

Posted on February 18, 2020


On February 26th, I get to do one of the things that I love the most; moderate a webinar discussion on a timely topic.

The subject matter for this webinar is of particular interest to me because it speaks directly to the changing role that procurement people must understand, embrace, and pursue beyond merely buying something for the best price.

But here is the catch. Similar to the recognition that spreadsheets hinder more than help with the procurement process, in the absence of a clearly viable alternative, you stay with spreadsheets. In short, until people realize that there is not only a viable digital alternative to spreadsheets but fully understand what it is and how it works, then they will stand pat.

The same can be said for the need for a new and progressive set metrics regarding the value that procurement brings to an organization. We need clarity on what these metrics entail and how they apply in the real world.

That is the focus of this webinar.

Here is the link to sign-up to sit-in on the 26th of February at 1:00 PM EST. A great panel, I guarantee it will be one of the best hours you invest all week.

Meet The Panel


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